The name Juno Moneta, ‘protectress of funds’, derives from Roman mythology; Juno was the Queen of the Gods and the Goddess who protected the nation.
Juno Moneta Wealth was realised in 2014 as the need to provide for a truly holistic service for our clients became our passion. We provide our clients with the ability to address financial planning, legal requirements and accountancy services in one professional, secure and forward-thinking environment.

Our Clients

Our firm is based on a client centric culture. We provide standardised and consistent service that is built around the needs of our client – first class service and performance without the premier price tag whilst still able to deploy market leading technology
Our clients have access to industry leading advice across the financial, legal and accountancy sectors, allowing for bespoke planning that looks at the whole picture rather than fragments.


Our vision is to uphold successful partnerships with our clients, staff and professional partners, whilst respecting the interests and goals of each party.