Juno Moneta Wealth can help you with all aspects of pensions and retirement planning. Our independent financial advisers will complete a robust fact finding exercise with you to ensure that whether you are looking to start investing into a pension for the first time, or you are nearing the time in your life when you will need to use it, the right decisions are made for you.


To be able to complete a puzzle, you first need to look at the picture as a whole. We believe passionately that to be able to provide investment advice to our clients you need to start by looking at the whole picture and then put the pieces together to achieve your financial goals.


Juno Moneta Wealth strive to not only protect our clients through holistic financial planning, but also to protect our client's family if the worst was to happen. We provide specialist advice across wealth management, accountancy and legal sectors to ensure that you and your family remain financially independent, providing an income or a lump sum when you need it, with as little stress as possible.


Our mortgage team work with a wide range of lenders to ensure that we provide the best recommendations for you from the whole market. We work with first time buyers, those looking to re-mortgage, buying to let, commercial and residential mortgages. Dedicated case managers work with our mortgage and protection advisers to ensure every aspect of the process is handled efficiently and quickly, from application forms through to completion.

 Retirement Planning

Juno Moneta Wealth focuses on the aims and goals of our clients. We listen, learn and plan with our clients, ensuring we look at the whole picture. We communicate with our clients in a transparent and professional manner ensuring our fact finding process is throughout. Our Independent Financial Advisers will establish if your aims are realistic and achievable given the timescale set out, managing expectations with bespoke recommendations on how you can achieve your objectives. We measure, report and deliver updates on a regular basis to our clients through our service propositions.

 Tax Planning

Juno Moneta Wealth provide advice on the best tax structures to help protect our clients wealth and how to put money aside for their children. We strive to ensure our clients’ are safeguarding their wealth, whether that’s your home or your future income, we can help you make the right provisions to protect it. Through dynamic inheritance tax and estate planning we will help you to protect your loved ones and chosen beneficiaries ensuring that your wishes are made a reality.

 Succession Planning

As industry leading facilitators, we work collaboratively with our in-house accountants, lawyers and financial planners to coordinate a succession plan specifically tailored to you, whether that be for your personal finances or those of your business. Our holistic approach allows us to create succession and legal solutions in a timely, professional and cost-effective way.

 Corporate Exit Strategies

Our significant experience of planning and executing business exits enables us to identify and communicate opportunities to enhance value and ultimately achieve the best deal possible. Our team complete an in-depth due diligence exercise, highlighting potential risks and obstacles to securing a successful exit, enabling our clients to take appropriate action prior to constructing a deal. We consult from informal conversations to post-sale financial planning, protecting our clients long-term.

 Wealth Concierge

Juno Moneta Wealth has assembled a team of professional resources available to serve a wide array of financial and quality of life needs. Our network of trusted professionals is available as a resource to our clients when requested.

 Legal & Accountancy*

We believe in our service being truly holistic, a goal achieved through synergising with our in-house legal and accountancy divisions to ensure universal protection opposed to sectoral. Our clients enjoy the comfort of keeping their wealth protected and grown through a consultative approach to financial advice. We collate, consider and present the core facts to our clients, enabling timely and informed decisions to be made through our recommendations.

*These activities are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority